All facials are customized per skin type and include skin analysis, neck, shoulder and scalp massage.  Our skin care lines are gentle yet effective for all – sensitive, mature, and acneic. 

30 min      $60   

45 min       $80    

60 min      $95             

90 min     $120       

teen           $50+



Peel Off Algae Mask    $20      Algae based and infused with various botanicals and herbs catering to different skin types, these are the ultimate finish to any facial.

Peel Off Algae Eye Mask    $15        Rice powder and marine collagen work in synergy to form a soothing, decongesting film which reinforces skin’s protective function and smoothes and tightens skin around the eyes.

Triple Acid Peel   $30      For mature skin, a more aggressive peel that combines glycolic, salicylic and flower acid peel.

Flower Acid Peel    $25      For sensitive skin. Flower (pyruvic) Acid Peel is a breakthrough anti-inflammatory exfoliant for age spots, sun damage, and lines on face, neck, upper chest, and hands. Gentle and effective without the irritation of glycolic and alpha-hydroxy peels.

Oxygen Treatment:     $50     For all skin types. Instantly hydrates and repairs skin.  Oxygen combined with marine minerals and proteins are directly infused into the skin promoting firmness and tone by stimulating collagen and elastin.

Microdermabrasion    $85     Ultra fine crystals exfoliate to reduce fine lines, improve scarring, diminish hyper-pigmentation and smooth rough skin. Treatment is finished with customized booster serum and mask. Cleansing facial is recommended prior to treatment.

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